about us

Överstekvarn Chili Gotland is a small family farm focused on growing and producing chilli. Started in 2012 with the first 50 m2 greenhouse, the business has grown steadily and today we sell our products on Gotland and parts of mainland Sweden, mostly in the Stockholm and Mälardalen regions. 

When the business was started in 2012, we had intended to grow fresh chilli fruit for local greengrocers, restaurants and supermarkets. We soon realised that we would not able to produce on a scale that would support the farm, so undiscouraged we dedided to take a next step and add value to the chilli, turning it into a finished product. So, borrowing old family recipes for chutney and creating new recipes for sauces the initial range of products was developed. These products were well received and generated very positive feedback, and in 2015 Överstekvarn won a silver medal in the Swedish Championships for Handmade/Artisan food products for the Chilli and Rhubarb Chutney!

In 2013 and 2014 we expanded our fruit production capacity with new greenhouses, and currently have 235m2  covered growing space, place for approximately 650 plants. The 2014 harvest produced half a ton of chilli, and in 2015 it increased to over 700kg, through the careful selection of chilli types and the optimisation of the growing, watering and feeding processes. With the increases in harvest we have been able to allocate some greenhouse space to provide a range of plants from late spring as well as create a display for our visitors.

The majority of the chilli harvest is used in sauces and chutneys production which is done on site, in the production kitchen, here on the farm. All of the production facilities & processes have been IP food production certification since Spring 2015.

The team

The Business

To bring chilli to the Scandinavian  market. Using natural growing methods, to introduce a broad and exciting range of products with a kick,to suit every taste.


To help spread a knowledge of chilli to as many people in Sweden as we can. Demonstrating that chilli is more than just heat, that it contributes a flavour and a sensation that can add a new dimension to food, and that it deserves a place in every meal!

Core values

Locally produced chili and ingredients
Naturally grown
Lots of flavour
Good quality products
No additives

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Customer's Comments

Super god habanero-sås! /Johnny 

Sjukt god chilisås! /Phong

Tack för det goda tilltugget i landshypotekets monter på Elmia!  /Elin

Gary Mathers, VD
Planning, production and growing Tel: 0707-555 236

Gary was born in England but worked in Geneva, Switzerland, as an IT product manager for 15 years before moving to Gotland to become a chilli farmer.

Anna Mathers
Sales, Marketing and Administration Tel: 0707-695 795

Between 1998 and 2011, Gotland born Anna worked in Geneva, Switzerland, as Budget Officer for the World Health Organistation.  She met Gary in Geneva in 2001 and returned to Gotland with him and their young family in  2011.

Alarm clock and visitor relations :-)